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Linen Care

Linen is an at once soft and durable fabric, created from fibres of the flax plant. Multiple washes will increase the softness of the fabric while guarding it from both pilling in stretch and losing its shape. The Tekla linen is hypoallergenic, moisture wicking and adjustable to body temperature, ensuring coolness during summer and warmth throughout winter.

Prior to taking the linens into use, we recommend that you machine wash them at cycles up to 40 degrees celcius for reduced environmental impact and to avoid any damage to the fabrics.

Please be advised not to tumble dry the linen fabric to protect the bedding and sustain its softness.

Washing at low temperatures and hanging the linens to dry is the best way to preserve Tekla linens and our environment. We recommend that the linens be hung to dry for decreased energy consumption and minimization of natural wrinkles on the fabric. If you choose to tumble dry, please note that this can be rough on the fabric.

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