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Cotton Percale Care

The weaving technique of the Cotton Percale bedding gives the fabric an extreme softness, accompanied by superior resistance. To obtain this light sentiment, the Cotton Percale bedding is made from long fibres with a thread count of 300, then given a pre-wash for a soft, worn-in feel followed by a stonewash for added matte finish.

The Cotton Percale bedding is made from 100% cotton.

Prior to taking the Cotton Percale bedding into use, we recommend that you machine wash it at cycles up to 40 degrees celsius for reduced environmental impact and avoidance of any damage to the fabric.

Washing at low temperatures and hanging the Cotton Percale bedding to dry is the best way to preserve both the product and our environment. We recommend that the bedding be hung to dry for decreased energy consumption and minimisation of natural wrinkles on the fabric. Please note that tumbling can damage the feel and quality of the fabric. We recommend that you use delicate tumble settings at low to medium heat.

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