Olive Green Cotton Percale — Pillow Sham

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The stonewashed Cotton Percale has a crisp touch to it and comes with a light stonewash finish for added soft hand feel. Scroll down to read more about the Tekla Cotton Percale.

— 100% cotton

— 300 thread count

Care instructions

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Our Cotton Percale Collection can best be described as a silent noise: while not standing out to the naked eye when viewed from afar, its superior softness will serve as an honest justification of its presence in your everyday life when taken into use. 

The weaving technique of the Cotton Percale Collection gives the product an extreme softness, accompanied by superior resistance. To obtain this light sentiment, the Cotton Percale Collection is made from long fibers with a thread count of 300, then pre-washed for a soft, worn feel, followed by a stonewash for added matte finish.

If cared for properly, our sheets can last you for decades; thus, we kindly ask you to sleep, jump, daze, rise, and unwind in your sheets. It will only make them more yours. Read more about how to care for your Tekla Percale beddings here.

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Pillow Sham


Cotton Percele


Olive Green


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